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Cold resistant conveyor belt

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PVC conveyor belt can not be cold resistant? That is because you have not found a conveyor belt manufacturer. With the development of the conveyor belt market environment, more and more northern markets are no longer only a few months of working time and production efficiency. The degree of automation is getting higher and higher, and the indoor and outdoor transportation is more and more favored by the industry. Under the working environment of minus 30~40 degrees, can the common conveyor belt still work normally?

Cold-resistant conveyor belt roll picture display

Obviously it is not possible. Generally, the ordinary PVC conveyor belt can only reach 10 to 25 degrees below zero. The surface will have color cracking and will not resist aging, which will cause the company to change the conveyor belt once a year, which will bring great economic losses and unnecessary. Trouble. According to this characteristic, the industry has produced a cold-resistant conveyor belt, and today we will take a look at the cold-resistant conveyor belt.

Literally, the cold-resistant conveyor belt is a belt for conveying materials in open areas or frozen warehouses in cold regions. Its biggest feature is impact resistance and cold resistance. The fundamental solution is that the company can continue to produce operations because of environmental and climate problems.

Cold-resistant conveyor belt product introduction.

Fortunately, Miou developed this cold-resistant conveyor belt, which can reach minus 41~42 degrees by third-party testing, and solve the problem of cold-resistant transportation in a true sense.

. Cold-resistant conveyor belt test report test report

In addition to the cold-resistant conveyor belt, you can also customize more special products, such as anti-static conveyor belt, high temperature conveyor belt, etc., please consult the manufacturer for details.
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