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PVC conveyor belt
parameter:Thickness: 2 mm, 2 layers of PVC material, 2 layers of nylon cloth.
Application industry:Widely used in flat transportation and major light transportation industries
Texture of material:PVC surface + nylon cloth
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This is a common flat green PVC conveyor belt and streamline conveyor belt, which is often used by various automation assembly lines. It is produced and sold by Miou. The price is low and the quality is good. This thickness is 2 mm, two cloths and two glues, and others. Multi-color optional, other thickness stocking is complete, many patterns to choose from.

The surface is made of PVC material, economical, long and wide according to customer's custom, other conventional thickness is 1-13 mm, can process skirt, rib, baffle, edging, surface with red plastic, plus guide bar, anti-running strip Such as special processing, there are many other patterns to choose from, such as anti-static conveyor belt, the price is slightly more expensive, can reach 10 8-9 power, often used for products that need to transport anti-static products, such as high strength Antistatic, please choose antistatic rubber or felt tape.

The conveyor belt is divided into two types: opening and ring. The ring interface is hot-melted by default (free of charge), steel buckle, cold connection, etc. A variety of colors can be customized, regular color stocking, cold resistance, acid and alkali resistance and other special features can be customized.







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