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Do you understand industrial b

Speaking of "belt", many people intuitively respond to the belt attached to the clothes. Amount, if it is a bit embarrassing for a person who has been in the belt industry for decades,... Today we are talking about an industrial belt, which has already been integrated into the melting pot of society. , closely related to human beings.

As the name suggests, industrial belts are industrial belts that can be classified into different categories depending on the application and structure. Compared with gear transmission and chain transmission, industrial belt transmission has the advantages of simple mechanism, low noise and low equipment cost, and is widely used in various power transmissions. Having said that, we may know that Japanese Samsung, German Horse, Italian McGaudi, etc. These are all international famous brands. In China, there is no shortage of self-produced industrial belts - Zhejiang Miou belt, a company that has been precipitating for more than ten years, and self-produced industrial belts, which has laid its foundation in the industry.

In China, the current labor costs have been rising. Many companies have purchased large-scale, high-speed, high-efficiency, composite and other computer numerical control belt conveyors in order to reduce costs. By using computer numerical control machinery, labor costs are greatly reduced. The Miou conveyor belt is where the product is transported to a remote location or to be reprocessed, saving time and labor, which greatly increases productivity and reduces costs. Conveyor belts and industrial belt materials are generally PVC industrial belts, PU food industry belts and rubber industrial belts. Its scope of application is very wide, such as electronics, electrical appliances, wood-based paneling, paper, printing, textile, tobacco, airport, logistics, automotive, tires, food and other industries. Since the belt conveyor design has different parts, it is necessary to carry out belt processing according to different equipments. We call this special belt processing. General special belt processing refers to the groove of the belt, the guide strip (acting direction), punching, adding sponge (black and blue), rubber (white glue and red glue), plus felt (black, Gray and white) and additional block baffles.

In summary, the industrial belt will be customized according to the continuous improvement of the belt conveyor, making it more suitable for the needs of modern development.

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