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Bring treadmill conveyor belt

The 2018 (36th) China International Sporting Goods Expo with the theme of “Convergence, Integration and Innovation” was held at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. The four-day (5.25-5.28) sports fair presented a panoramic view of the sporting goods manufacturing industry. Various sports products at the exhibition are used flexibly by smart technology. Treadmills, exercise bikes, rowing machines, elliptical machines... Squandering flowers are becoming more and more attractive. Obviously, many merchants use treadmills as their main products. It has become a more popular fitness equipment for the public. Treadmills, which are relatively inconspicuous but have a huge effect, are a belt on the plane. The industry calls it a running belt. Zhejiang Miou, the brand "Miou belt" is a good production and sales integration enterprise, as scheduled.

In this exhibition, Mio is a good running belt enterprise, paying attention to all the details, and sincerely serving the guests, all kinds of doubts and answers of our staff. Mr. Xu, the chairman of the board, visited the exhibition site and exchanged with friends.

At the same time, we saw a lot of partners at the exhibition, the ceremony is light and benevolent, our company sent them a simple and sincere flower blue, the chairman personally raised the pen.

At the exhibition, the new products won the attention of many viewers, indoor belt climbing, indoor skiing machines, and realized a fitness exercise that can fully entertain themselves. Previously, indoor rock climbing was on the wall, and now it can be done on the belt, just like the treadmill, the cycle is endless. It can be seen that the belt has been widely integrated into the fitness industry. We have always insisted on the initial heart, carefully doing products and serving customers and friends.

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