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The temperature range of PVC c

The temperature of the PVC conveyor belt ranges from -10 degrees to +80 degrees.

First of all, the relatively low temperature limit of PVC conveyor belt: -10 degrees. More recently, customers call to inquire about the temperature range of PVC conveyor belts. When winter arrives, the temperature gradually decreases. Due to its unique temperature limit, PVC conveyor belts tend to harden in colder weather, especially in northern cities. It is more difficult to operate, and it is recommended to use it indoors. Of course, when the temperature is warming up, the conveyor belt will return to its original softness and hardness. Proper maintenance of the conveyor belt is also a good way to increase the service life of the conveyor belt.


Secondly, it is said that the higher temperature with PVC conveyor belt: +80 degrees. Once the PVC conveyor belt is used in an environment above 80 degrees, the surface is prone to cracking. The surface layer of PVC glue will gradually fall off with time and the service life is relatively low. Our company also sells 120-degree rubber-plastic conveyor belt and 260-degree silicone conveyor belt. Teflon conveyor belt can meet the needs of different industries.

Of course, PVC conveyor belts are widely used in the application industry and application range. Due to their unique non-toxic, odorless, environmentally friendly and other advantages, coupled with PVC conveyor belts, new products are continuously developed. The electronics industry has gradually expanded to the traditional black rubber conveyor belts that have gradually replaced machinery, medicine, tobacco, logistics and many other industries.

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